Double Majoring

Honestly, probably no. In my experience, double majoring shouldn't be done unless you are genuinely interested in both fields. If you are just interested in aspects of one, or you think it will further your research - that's great! You don't need to double major to do that. The biggest problem with double majoring is the number of "filler" courses you will need to take that are requirements for both majors. You may only be interested in advanced linear algebra for optimization, or syntax for natural language processing. You don't need to take all the required core classes for each major do take those upper divs. So unless you truly care about both majors, you are better off taking a few classes (or even minoring) in your second interest and doing more extracurricular work in that area instead. It's more appealing to have project and research experience on applications than to have a second major.

Anjali Kantharuban

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