Anjali Kantharuban.

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I am currently a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Language Technologies Institute advised by Graham Neubig. Currently, I am funded by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. My interests lie in making technology more inclusive of low-resource languages and non-standard dialects through natural language processing.

Prior to this, I was completing my MPhil at the University of Cambridge studying Theoretical and Applied Linguistics in the Language Technology Laboratory advised by Anna Korhonen and Ivan Vulic I was funded by a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and worked on analyzing the performance of machine translation and automatic speech recognition systems on regional dialects. In the past, I have worked with Dan Klein at UC Berkeley, where I did my undergrad, and Jacob Andreas at MIT. I've also dabbled in linguistics research, most notably exploring the grammaticality of locative inversions ("in the room stood a wizard") in an embedded context alongside Schuyler Laparle. I enjoy learning new languages and have spent five semesters learning Tamil and Telugu, two low-resource Dravidian languages, under a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship via the Department of Education. When I'm not studying I enjoy playing Animal Crossing and baking.