I am a third year undergraduate double majoring in computer science and linguistics at UC Berkeley. I am a TA for CS 61B, Data Structures, and have been teaching for four semesters now. I am currently funded by a FLAS Fellowship from the Department of Education. I am also part of the EECS honors program.

I currently do research in natural language processing, advised by Dan Klein and Trevor Darrell. Specifically, my current research looks into how agents can learn abstract representations of goals that can be compared to both language instructions and multi-modal input to identify what to do next.

I am also currently doing research on the grammaticality of pragmatically marked constructions under Schuyler Laparle as part of Berkeley’s LRAP program. At the moment, we are exploring the grammaticality of locative inversions (“In the room stood a wizard”).

Anjali Kantharuban

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